Blue Cheese Sweet Onion Soup

.25 C Oil           
2.5 lbs Sweet onions  or red           
3 T chopped garlic in oil           
1.5 gal water           
.5 C chicken soup base           
3 T salt           
.75 T Black Pepper           
.5 C Hot Scauce           
1 T Oregeno           
.5 T dill weed           
.5 C cooking sherry           
1 lb butter           
1 lb flour           
4 C blue cheese           
6 C cream           
sauté onions with gralic and some of the butter           
in lg pot bring water and spices to boil           
add onions           
make the roux and add to boiling stock - mix until smooth           
add blue cheese and cream - reduce heat and simmer until smooth           
yield 2.5 gal soup