Roster Search and Display Instructions

Before being able to access the various rosters, you must first login to the website.  Click here to do just that!

Now that you have logged into the website, several new menu items will have appeared within the main menu.  

Use the Search the Scout Roster and Search the Adult Roster menu items to search for individuals within the troop.

Use the Find a Merit Badger Counselor menu item to locate a counselor by merit badge.  Note:  Because some of the merit badge names are abbreviated, you may need to try several variations.  For example, the Citizenship merit badges are listed as "Cit In ..." as opposed to "Citizenship In ...".

In all cases above, partial words are OK as search critera.  In fact, you could search using a single letter.  However, the search will return only the first ten matches, so it is highly recommended that you enter more than a single character when searching.