Clam Chowder

    3 cans minced clams       
    1 can chopped clams       
    2 bottles clam juice (8 0z ea)       
    1/4 lb bacon       
    2 med onions       
    1 sm carrot       
    2 t finely minced green pepper       
    6 med potatoes       
    1/2 tsp ground white pepper       
    1/8 tsp nutmeg       
    2 c half and half       
    1 c whipping cream       
    2 t butter       
    chopped parsley       
    chop and cook bacon to almost crisp       
    add onion, carrot and green pepper - sauté 10 min       
    peel and dice potatoes       
    add with liquid from clams and bottles       
    boil and reduce to low simmer until potatoes are tender       
    add clams, salt, pepper and nutmeg       
    cook 5 min more       
    add dairy products and warm - do not boil!       
    serve sprinkled with paprika and parsley