Summer Camp 7/13/2008

Sunday the 13th started out quite a bit chilly with a splendid flag ceremony in which many of the
scouts were tired.  A swell and delicious breakfast was then enjoyed by all with hearty portions
of cereals and fruits.  After doing the breakfast dishes Mr. Weber gave a wonderful Sunday
morning church service that was enjoyed by all.  Quickly after the service all of the scouts were
informed in the ancient Chinese secrets of dishwashing and regulations of the waterfront.  Free
time followed until an assembly was called and troop game was had.  Each patrol had to tie a
proper tie knot in a tie donated from Kohl’s department store.  Many failed, but few were
excellent.  More advancement time followed until the patrols grubbed on Italian Sausages and
Spaghetti noodles.  A PLC meeting was then had, and fire ceremony followed.  Some visitors
from long ago in a galaxy far away appeared and a great time was had by all.  Tasty morsels
were eaten during cracker barrel and then sleep was finally accomplished by the scouts.