Summer Camp 7/15/2008

Tuesday the 15th started off swell with a nice and early flag ceremony where a flashlight and extra
batteries were the required equipment.  A bountiful breakfast of pancakes and sausage was
enjoyed by all.  Next came advancement time until a chow line full of choice meats and cheeses
was devoured for lunch.  Birthday celebrations followed lunch in which we celebrated all of the
birthdays in the troop that have or were to happen in the month of July.  Quickly following the
celebrations came the troop game, carrying a wooden egg on a wooden spoon around an obstacle
course.  We found out that the Imperial Pirates were the best at spooning after they quite handedly
won the competition.  Next many scouts frolicked on the water front, did advancement, or just
hung out.  Fires had to be started early to cook cobbler and diner was quite the fiesta with tacos
and various taco fillers to give it that little extra push into delectability.  Free time followed, then
PLC meeting, until another wonderful fire ceremony right before cracker barrel and bed.