Summer Camp 7/16/2008

      Wednesday the 15th started out like most days with a 7 am wake up call then a fantastic flag
ceremony in which the BKBs were once again named honor patrol.  Mr. Weber then followed with
instructions on the day.  The hike into town was to leave camp at 9 along with forestry, shotgun/rifle,
Indian lore, and environmental science, on their respective journeys.  On the hike the new scouts
completed their orienteering requirements for first and second class ranks.  Some other scouts
completed the backpacking requirement for camping merit badge by carrying a backpack for 4 miles.
 After the merit badges were completed the forestry, shotgun/rifle, Indian lore, and environmental
trips were driven into town.  All the scouts had fun frolicking and exploring town before being driven
back to camp.  The shotgun/rifle trip arrived back in camp just in time to help grill our delicious
marinated steaks over a wood fire. Advancement/free time followed and then a wonderful fire
ceremony was conducted.  We then slept all tuckered out from our big day on the town.