Summer Camp 7/17/2008

Thursday the 17th started out like most days with an early wake up call to a splendid flag ceremony.  
Next came a superb breakfast including delicious bacon, eggs cooked to our liking and English muffins.  
Next came advancement/free time until a bountiful lunch featuring once again choice meats and cheeses
including chips and salsa.  More advancement time followed while some went to have a blast shooting
the tubes.  While others did advancement at the waterfront like sail boating, boardsailing, or rowing.  
Next came a silly large amount of rain.  Advancement and free time followed until patrol cooks were
called over for choose your own dinner night.  Many tasty meals were made and all were judged in four
categories.  Winners were announced at the PLC meeting.  A swell campfire was had ready for the big
day, and even larger breakfast ahead of us.