Summer Camp 7/18/2008

Friday started out a little different than most days.  Sure we woke up early and had a flag ceremony, but
there was more to it.  The excitement of the troop Olympics was felt by all, young and old, and the
thought of all you can eat breakfast seemed extra exciting to most.  After flags the troop quickly got into
cars and headed to Paul Bunyan’s northwoods cook shanty, were everyone ate so much their scouts
had to be loosened a few notches.  The troop returned to camp to start the troop Olympics which
included games in the theme of old time scout skills.  A fire building contest, loop rolling, and carry golf
ball on pipe using only rope were all games included in this ultimate test of skills and endurance.  Lunch
was had after that with once again sandwiches, but the real challenges came in the afternoon.  Started off
with an assembly ordering the scouts to fill buckets with water to use for a toothpaste spiting contest
featuring surprisingly agile moving targets.  The EXTREME game came next in which patrols fought to
get a milk carton across a rope using only buckets full of kool-aide.  Immediately after all patrols
competed it was time to get cleaned up, so we all headed to the waterfront where soap was supplied.  
Everyone headed to the beach for a shampoo hair styling competition.  Canoe races and tug o war were
competed in by representatives of each patrol.  The waterfront equipment was then taken to the trucks
and bakers and patrol equipment was also loaded.  Some ambitious scouts packed up their tents and
roomed with other scouts, while others just enjoyed their last night in camp.  Burgers, brats, and hotdogs
were enjoyed for dinner with potato salad and baked beans galore. An awards and recognition meeting
was had and got out for cracker barrel.  A fire was ignited and the stage was set for the final fire
ceremony, where vespers is sung and scouts get to say goodbye to jag lake.  Quite an experience was
had and the scouts went to their tents in silence ready to pack up and leave early the next morning.