Here are some reminders to those intending to camp at a tent campout of the troop.


  1. BE PREPARED - bring warm cloths!
  2. Report attendance to your Patrol Leader.  Call him if he doesn’t call you!  Attendance should be reported to your Patrol Leader the weekend before camp.
  3. Monday,  we hold the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) and plan the campout.  EVERY PATROL MUST BE REPRESENTED!  Generally, the Patrol Leader attends.
    1. PLC - Patrol Leaders or their designated representative should be prepared to report attendance of their Scouts and any parents planning on attending camp the following weekend
    2. A Scout will plan a campfire ceremony.  Ceremony entertainment roles will be discussed and assigned at the PLC Meeting.
  4. Tuesday,  7PM – the Troop Meeting will be all camp planning for the weekend. 
    1. We will do a final confirmation of attendance and then break up into Patrols
    2. Patrols will plan their menu & shopping list, determine a Patrol Food Shopper, and pre-pack their Patrol gear in the trailer
  5. There is no camping fee for the campout.
  6. Scouts must pay their share of the Patrol food to the shopper.  There are various ways of doing this.
    1. Parents of the shopper fund the shopping, calculate/divide up the cost, the shopper Scout calls all attending Thursday and gives them the amount, and participants bring that amount to the Friday camp meeting to pay their share.  Placing individual share payments in an envelope with the Scout’s name on it – is very helpful.
    2. Various other alternatives.
    3. Scouts camping must pay their fair share of food costs!  There should not be a burden on the shoppers parents to “chase” Scouts for weeks after a camp, who forgot to pay their share of food costs!  Please be responsible and respect the shoppers parents.
  7. If a Scout cancels participation in the campout after Wednesday evening, they owe their share of the food purchased for them, even though they didn’t eat it.
  8. Each Patrol will have their Troop 21 Patrol cooler with ice, waiting to be packed Friday evening in the parking lot.  The cooler will also contain a gallon of milk for the Patrol.
  9. All drinks for all meals are supplied by the Troop.  Patrols do not purchase anything to drink. No Soda! No energy drinks!
  10. Scouts should dress for the weather. 
  11. Scouts should carry a small pack in the car while traveling to camp, containing rain gear, a flash light, and their supper/lunch.
  12. Scouts should bring a supper/lunch to eat in the car while traveling to camp Friday.  Respect the drivers and their vehicles by bringing non-messy simple things to eat.
  13. When arriving Friday evening, Scouts will place their personal gear in the white covered trailer in the parking lot, turn in their permission slip to the Senior Patrol Leader, pay their Patrol food share, and help carry Troop gear up out of the Troop Room.
  14. We leave for camp once everyone arrives and gear is loaded.


And a few suggestions from an organization called Tuck Sleep: